This monitor is used to see how much charge you have left in your batteries.

The Bmv-710H Is Our Newest High Precision Battery Monitor. The Essential Function Of A Battery Monitor Is To Calculate Ampere-Hours Consumed And The State Of Charge Of A Battery. Ampere-Hours Consumed Are Calculated By Integrating The Current Flowing In Or Out Of The Battery.

  • Monitors volts, amps, amp hours and time to go for a single battery bank.
  • Specialized application – for use with high voltage DC systems only
  • No voltage prescaler needed – suitable for systems with grounded negative only (Monitor is not isolated from shunt)
  • Included shunt measures up to 500 Amps
  • For use with DC systems from 70 to 350 volts
  • Visual and audible alarms and programmable alarm
  • 10 metre cable, connectors and fuse included.
  • Removeable bezel allows round or square face for display
  • Mounting box for shunt is included
  • Suitable for electric vehicle applications