Eric Billington: Elco Motor Owner

As an owner of the Elco 4000 electric motor, I feel impelled to let the world know what an advantage it is and an addition to my boating experience.

The very first thing is obviously the savings I experience in not having to purchase fuel. I would be remised if I didn’t add the personal gratification I feel by helping my environment. This fact is even closer to my heart due to the fact that I live in the US Virgin Islands. We have to keep our waters clean and safe for future generations and I am very proud to have installed the motor in my 40’ power yacht and have enjoyed silently touring the island with friends and family with our Elco Powered boat.

  • Bill Lentz

    Eric I’m curious what model boat is your 40 power Yacht? I am very interested in changing out my Mainship 40 Sedan Bridge to electric motors. The boat is used exclusively along the ICW.
    What type or rating Elco electric engine(s?) and the size and type batteries are you using?

  • Jeff Demme

    What motor(s) are you running. What is performance? I am considering an electric repower of my 43′ Pearson Portsmouth. There is very littler electric power boat information out there. Lot’s of sail boats.