Elco Inboard Electric Motor Benefits

  • No exhaust fumes produced
  • Quiet motor operation – No noise pollution
  • Very small carbon footprint if charged by the solar or wind power options
  • Cruise all day and charge the batteries overnight for just pennies
  • The inboard and outboard motor fits standard motor mounts
  • Never needs a tune-up; no need to winterize
  • Available for conventional shaft connection applications and sail drive units
  • The motor is water and particle resistant
  • The patented inboard enclosure ensures that the motor runs cool so it will not heat up the cabin
  • The inboards operational service life of 50,000+ hours before scheduled maintenance
  • More than twice the cruising range than an equivalent diesel motor in a hybrid system

Environmentally Friendly

Elco Motor owner John Kelly: “In thinking about what type of motor to put in to my boat, keeping the gasoline and oil away from the lake was a big part of the decision, and electric is just so environmentally friendly and sustainable that I wanted to go electric from the get go with this boat.”  No oil and no combustibles onboard!


Electric is the better choice

Elco installer Reuben Smith: “We decided to use an electric motor for a number of reasons. One of which was we did not have the room under the cockpit to install a normal internal combustion motor, but we could fit an electric motor in that very small space. Other advantages we found were no through holes and no fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are an issue on a sailboat because the loading and unloading of the fuel effects the trim of a sailboat.”



E-Gauge IV

(E-Gauge IV – Standard equipment)

E-Gauge VII

(E-Gauge VII – Color upgrade option)

This high resolution full color LCD screen is offered exclusively by Elco. The gauge offers precise and “real time” information to the skipper. This unit also comes with input and output for camera integration, (works great with a camera on your sail, or even underwater). The weatherproof display is rugged while providing a clean modern design.


Plug & Play

The Elco Electric Propulsion System is pre-wired and ready for installation, something we like to call Plug & Play. Installation of our system cannot get any easier. It’s simple by design with only one moving part. There is virtually no maintenance over an expected service life of 50,000 hours. All you need to do is select your batteries because all the other components are included with your purchase.

Simple by Design

Elco’s Chief Engineer Joe Fleming walks you through the components that come standard with every purchase.