Elco Design Consulting

At Elco, we work closely with our customers to develop eco-friendly, value adding solutions that will fully meet specific requirements. Our award winning design team has over 100 years of combined experience. Furthermore, we partner with best of breed industry engineers and Electric Vehicle (EV) innovators to make sure every aspect of these highly confidential projects are covered. We utilize our existing market leading technologies from our highly efficient electric propulsion system, with products adapted and integrated to meet design and performance requirements.

Our role covers all major activities – design, project management, procurement, testing, and safety assessment. We are currently working with numerous manufacturers throughout the world, so their customers can experience the undeniable benefits of going electric. Read more about our award winning electric and hybrid designs below.

E-Power Electric SystemHunter 27e with E-Power Electric System

The Hunter 27e with the E-Power Electric System remains entirely the same as the company’s very popular standard H-27 except for the diesel motor which has been substituted with the Elco EP-12, an electric inboard boat motor that offers the same amount of thrust as the H-27′s normal 14hp diesel motor.

The electric inboard boat motor offers the advantages of being truly “green” in that it does not emit any emissions, noise, vibrations, heat, or fumes as it operates solely on battery power. The batteries offer 6 to 8 hours of power to the motor before they will need to be recharged. The batteries can be charged either traditionally by connecting to shore power or by the use of the “Energy” option that incorporates an arch that holds 3 high efficiency solar panels incorporated into the bimini and a wind power generator. The environmentally friendly 27e affords its captain and crew the same great sailing performance as that of a standard H-27 with the added benefit of being truly a green sailing vessel.

Elco Design Consulting

E-Power Electric Hybrid SystemHunter 36h with E-Power Electric Hybrid System

The Elco E-Power Electric Hybrid System is a game changer for sailboat propulsion. Hunter and Elco developed the boat as part of a shared commitment to green technology solutions and innovation that improves the overall sailing experience. The Elco E-Power Hybrid System offers sailors more than just environmentally conscious cruising. The AC motor lowers motor operating and maintenance costs, eliminates the carbon monoxide and fumes present with traditional motors, runs cooler, quieter and weighs far less than gas or diesel motors. In addition, AC electric motors offer an advantage over DC models due to the lack of brushes and moving parts, which require regular maintenance and can wear out. The EP-40 has only one moving part and is completely sealed, making it highly water resistant to guard against moisture damage, or corrosion.

According to Steve Lamando, CEO of Elco, “Hunter is a well-known brand with a global reputation for customer-driven innovation. The Hunter team’s input into the development and integration of the E-Power System has been invaluable.