Elco Motor Yachts

Direct drive motor Yes No
Efficiency 85% to 92% 55% to 60%
Periodic maintenance 50,000 hours 2,000 hours
Only one moving part Yes No
Integrated motor & controls Yes No
Plug & Play Yes No
Water resistant to IP-65 Yes No
Cast Aluminum mount & enclosure Yes No

Not all electric motors are created equal

Elco has developed a new, more efficient series of marine propulsion systems based upon the use of super reliable AC induction motors. The AC motor has unequaled reliability, simplicity of design, efficiency and ultimately lower cost.

The efficiency of the Elco AC Motor is 85-92%, which is over 30% more efficient than a DC motor and over 40-50% more efficient than a combustion motor. You really have to experience it to believe it; schedule a demo today.

The AC motor is rated for up to 50,000 hours. With only one moving part, there isn’t much that can go wrong and the motor requires virtually zero maintenance.

Elco AC Electric Motor Compared to a DC Motor

Elco Chief Engineer Joe Fleming explains the Elco AC three phase motor and how it differs from a DC motor.