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  • EP-5 Electric Outboard



  • EP-9.9 Electric Outboard



  • EP-14 Electric Outboard



  • EP-20 Electric Outboard



  • EP-30 Electric Outboard



  • EP-50 Electric Outboard



  • EP-6 Electric Inboard



  • EP-12 Electric Inboard



  • EP-20 Electric Inboard



  • EP-40 Electric Inboard



  • EP-70 Electric Inboard



  • EP-100 Electric Inboard






Award Winning Electric Propulsion

elco motor yachts

Elco Motor Yachts has been at the forefront of marine innovation, proudly boasting a rich history spanning over 130 years. The company supplied 55 groundbreaking electric launches at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The vessels, powered by Elco’s electric boat motors, swiftly captured the hearts of boating enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Elco’s award-winning electric outboards and inboards are not only reliable and powerful but also embody the company’s steadfast commitment to sustainability. When you buy an Elco electric motor for your boat, you’re purchasing more than just a product—you’re investing in a cleaner, quieter boating experience.

Whether you need an inboard or an outboard, Elco has the best electric boat motors for sale for you when you’re ready to switch to electric propulsion. Our electric marine motors outshine traditional gas-powered motors. They’re quieter, they’re kinder to the environment, and they’re quality choices. Experience the superior performance and environmental benefits of our electric boat motors today.

Electric Outboards

Traditional on the outside, cutting-edge on the inside

Electric Inboards

All torque, one moving part, and no transmission

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Elco's Story

Our legacy stretches back more than 130 years ago to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

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