What Makes Elco Electric Propulsion Superior

Joe FlemmingJoe Flemming “With the Elco system, all of the wiring is rated waterproof and in a marine environment that is important. The motor itself and all of the components are at least water resistant so they can take splashing, rain and things of that nature not necessarily submersion, but very close to it; so in that regard we are much more marinized than anything out in the field. Our motors are totally enclosed fan cooled. All of the motors that I have seen out there are totally enclosed open drip proof meaning that they are open motors, water can get in them readily and it is not so with our motors, they are almost sealed.”

John KellyJohn Kelly “I’m delighted with my choice of an Elco electric motor for my sailboat, again having an antique boat having a very quiet, efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable power system I think was a perfect choice. The Elco company, the people were wonderful to work with, the installation went well and it has been problem free. I am just thrilled with the decision that I have made.”

Reuben SmithReuben Smith “Elco as a company, the guys there were just wonderful to deal with installing the motor. We had a bunch of strange requirements we had to deal with because the space was so constrained and we also had kind of an odd system where the shaft couldn’t come out of the middle of the boat it had to be off set and run out of the side of the hull because the rudder post was in the way we had a sort of crooked installation, we wanted to use a folding propeller because of the sailboat and we also wanted a super low shaft speed for maximum efficiency so we were able to come up with a reduction system to work with the guys at Elco and to come up with just the right boat. Now we are running somewhere around twenty hours at hull speed on a single charge- it is amazingly efficient. The prop is running at 500 rpm, it doesn’t make a sound, it’s as nice as can be in this type of case. It’s so far superior to internal combustion there is no comparison. I don’t know why you would think of putting a gas or diesel motor in a boat like this.”

Leo VortouniLeo Vortouni “I am thoroughly impressed with Elco they have been so responsive. Any littlequestion that I have had, they have always answered. Any minor glitches that have occurredthey have been right there to correct them.”

Jeff KilleenJeff Killeen “The Elco experience, it brings together the best of antique boating with all of themarvels of today’s technology into a product that is frankly one of a kind.”

Joe FlemmingJoe Flemming “The reasons in my mind why Elco is a better choice than any of the competition arevery basic, very simple. Reliability, water resistant, more efficient, easier to install, easier to handle,very responsive, they are regenerative, they give you everything you could ever want in an electricpropulsion system.”