Electric Propulsion Satisfaction

John KellyJohn Kelly “One of the reasons I love to sail is the silence and just listening to the wind and just cruising through the water and hearing the water slap against the wooden hull and having an electric motor which is essentially perfectly silent is a perfect fit. In fact when I’m raising the sail sometimes it’s so quiet and I forget to turn to motor off which of course if I was racing would be a problem.”

Jeff KilleenJeff Killeen “An electric boat is like being on a sailboat but under power, the lap of the water the quiet of the motor, you are under power but you can talk. For us it’s a cocktail boat- taking that morning cruise or that before of after dinner cruise and being able to talk to your fellow passengers and knowing that you are under reliable safe power, to hear the lap of the water against the hull and say ‘How is this happening? It’s a magical experience on the water. And when you are all by yourself on that Elco boat, you know that you’ve done something that makes you feel good, it’s green, it’s just elegant. It’s a tremendous experience.”

Lydie JakobsonLydie Jakobson “It’s perfect and the fun part is that when you go to harbor it’s so quiet that people turn around and they look and see that the sail is down and they don’t get it, so the first time we went to harbor, the mayor wanted to come on the boat, there are so many people that come and say can I check the motor, can I check this, can I check that? I’m like, yeah- come on in! ‘Lydie’ the sailboat is like the talk of the town. Everybody wants to be on that boat, at one point we had twenty people, sitting everywhere, eating and checking out the Elco motor, it’s like okay, can we see it? can we see it? Sure! So it’s like a tour of the boat and nobody left! It was fun- it was a lot of fun.”

Chris JesterChris Jester “The electric boat has been received by our customers very well. The biggest sign is within a month of getting the boat, our membership is sold out. With Sailtime we have one owner and we have up to six leases. We got all six of the leases very quickly, within a month, so we are happy to say that it has been received very well…Some of the comments coming from the Sailtime members that have been on other boats with other diesel motors versus the Elco is it’s much quieter, we don’t hear the noise, the vibration, actually the biggest thing I hear is on not having to start it up and not having to check belt tension, not having to check the coolant level, not having to check oil, it’s actually kind of funny and kind of quick.”

Leo VortouniLeo Vortouni “I’ve owned seven boats, anywhere from nineteen feet to thirty six feet, I’ve also chartered boats around the world in Greece, the Caribbean, and Tahit up to fifty five foot boats, I love to sail, but there hasn’t been a boat like ‘Lydie’ it is so trouble free and so quiet and so easy to operate.”