Electric Propulsion is Evironmentally Friendly

John KellyJohn Kelly “I sail this boat here on Lake George which is in Upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. Lake George is one of the most beautiful pure water lakes that I have ever seen or ever experienced and I have been all over the world, and so thinking about what type of motor to put in keeping the gasoline and oil away from the lake was also a big part of the decision, and electric is just so environmentally friendly and sustainable that I wanted to go electric from the get go with this boat.”

Reuben SmithReuben Smith “I think that in terms of green power it’s hard to argue against electric power for a sailboat you just don’t need the horsepower that you need with a power boat. If horsepower and weight are a real issue than maybe it makes sense to go with a gas or diesel, but with a sailboat weights not really a penalty as long as it’s in the right place… Just practically, not having to deal with stinky fuels, not dealing with ethanol problems and water in fuel and all of these nightmares that we have with marine motors nowadays. Its a great thing with the reliability, there is no oil changes, no mess-there is no muss no fuss. Goes in clean and easily and it’s reliable.”

Jeff KilleenJeff Killeen “Especially if you are environmentally oriented, or if there is a green aspect to your motivation. It’s clean, it’s pollution free, it’s quiet, and it’s maintenance free. It’s ideal.”

Lydie JakobsonLydie Jakobson “There is also no fumes, no smell, there is no toxins getting out there, because I think that it is extremely important that people start to think more green, because we have to protect what’s left of the planet”

Leo VortouniLeo Vortouni “I’m a consultant fin occupational and environmental health and it’s one the reasons that I wanted to get on a hybrid boat, the fact that it doesn’t pollute the environment. I’m very pleased from that stand point. There is no diesel fumes coming off and it doesn’t pollute the water and I’m very happy for that.”