Electric Motor Compared to a Combustion Motor

Chris Jester “In regards to the performance and the operation of the ‘Lydie’ versus other 36’s, we haven’t really seen much of a difference, by the way the boats turning radius, the way it backs up, the way it moves forward, the prop walk, the propulsion…”

Lydie Jakobson “Friday, we went to Catalina, there was about 20-21 knots of wind and very strong swells and the boat did really really good. At one point we did start the motor and it had no problem, it goes right through those waves.”

Leo Vortouni “Catalina is about forty miles away, and unfortunately that day, there was no wind what so ever, so we had to motor over. We motored the whole way, and Sunday coming back unfortunately we had no wind, we used the electric motor the whole way back and I turned on the generator just before we got to Newport and it was a great trip, we had no problems what so ever.”

Reuben Smith “This little 3hp motor will pull this 6500lb boat at hull speed, just as nice as can be. It just doesn’t need to be a very powerful motor , you don’t need a capacity beyond what an motor can give you.”