Elco Electric Propulsion is Simple to Operate

John KellyJohn Kelly “The Elco electric motors are basically maintenance free. There is no oil changes, there is no gasoline to worry about with the change of seasons. The only thing that I need to do is plug it in. The batteries last basically many many hours, plenty on my sailboat. o it’s just very very easy to use and it saves a great deal of maintenance.”

Reuben Smith “There is a lot of advantages to electric over gas or diesel. In terms of long term maintenance and reliability. One thing of course is that you just don;t have ‘thru holes” that you tend to all of the time. ****”Thru holes are elbow sinks so often it’s not funny. Having eliminated so many of these because you do not have an exhaust port, a cooling line, that’s really key. There is so much less to maintain…It’s easy to take in and out of the boat if you ever had to- honestly I do not ever anticipate ever needing to. I can’t imagine especially in a sailboat that doesn’t get used so much. You just don’t even need to think about it, and that’s another advantage to electric power. Because if you are only running your motor four or five hours a year then having one that doesn’t have fuel to deal with, or oil to change- that’s priceless. hat’s a really good value.”

Joe FlemmingJoe Flemming “The three phase issue motor requires zero maintenance You put it to bed in the Winter or Fall, you take it out in the Spring and it’s ready to go, nothing that you have to do. As far as the batteries are concerned whether it be an A/C motor or D/C motor, if you have good batteries the basic thing is to charge them in the fall, make sure that they are charged, if you have a maintenance charger that you leave on there that is fine. Good batteries only lose one to two percent per month on their charge. So a good propulsion system, especially one with an A/C motor, you can let it go and the maintenance is zero and over the winter you don’t have to worry about about winterization or a block freezing up or things of that nature.”

Lydie JakobsonLydie Jakobson “As a woman it’s easier to operate ‘Lydie’ the sailboat, the electric boat compared to another boat just because you don’t have to deal with the oil checking or gas fumes or if there is a gas leak. I don’t have to worry about anything, when I come on the boat, I unplug the thing, turn on what needs to be turned on and here you go!”

Chris JesterChris Jester “Our current 36’s have diesel motors and over the years have required significant maintenance. With the Elco specifically we have not seen any maintenance issues with it yet and we understand that it can run 50,000 hours with out any maintenance.”

Leo VortouniLeo Vortouni “The ease of operation has been a lot easier. The other boats when you get on, you have to check the motor, check the oil, check the belts, check the fluid levels, look over the motor in general. On this boat, I do nothing. I don’t even look at the motor. I know it’s there.”