Elco Electric Propulsion is Simple to Install

John KellyJohn Kelly “The installation of the Elco Electric Motor is actually quite easy and Elco makes it very simple to do. All of the electronics are pre-packaged, all of the control systems are pre-packaged and because it is electric it is very compact motor, which made it fit very nice behind the bulk-head, so the installation was very easy. Of course it has a large battery pack but on a sail boat, down by the keel, that’s no problem. And what’s really nice is that not only do I have no sound, but I have no gasoline on board, so it’s very quiet, very efficient, and very economical.”


Reuben SmithReuben Smith “You might think that putting in an electric motor would be a more complex and harder to deal with than putting in a diesel or gas motor but actually its simpler because you don’t have to plumb for a fuel system or an exhaust system, you can play with space in a different way,you can shift the whole load of weight in a boat in a different way, you can put the batteries where you want them, you can put the motor where you want it. All of these things that effect the frame and the performance of a boat, and a nice feature of an electric boat is that you can be very wise in where you place things. In a formula one they call the motor the ‘lump’ because its always in the way, the aerodynamics call it the ‘lump’ and the motor can be a lump- you really want it out ofthe way and with an electric motor it’s possible.”


Joe FlemmingJoe Flemming “At Elco we package the complete electric propulsion system in one unit, the plug between the instrument panel, the throttle, and the motor are all plug and play. You don’t have to do any wiring, the only wiring that you have to do for the installation are the batteries, we provide the plug, and all you do is put the batteries in the boat, hook up the wires to your batteries and the plug and it goes together. If you were to receive a system from Elco, we’ll ship you a system, and you had the batteries wired sitting on a bench, you could unplug the Elco system, plug it all together, unpack it I should say, plug it all together and have it running in the matter of two or three minutes. With a competitive unit, or any of the other ones that are out there, you would have to buy all of the pieces, buy the wiring, crimp terminals on, and to put a system together to run would probably take you half of a day on a bench. On a boat probably two days. The installation of an Elco motor on a boat can be done in the matter of a couple of hours. “