Electric Re-power

Dorset, Canada: Lake of Bays:

The museum is completing a ten year restoration project of a 66’ steam powered cabin launch that originally transported people around the lake and to their island camps. 

Bigwin will be giving tour boat rides on Lake of Bays all Spring, Summer and Fall. The Museum had the original steam engine rebuilt and a new boiler fabricated, however as completion drew near they were not able to find a (steam rated) licensed captain to run it, but with electric power they could.

The boat has completely new hull planking, decks and cabin jointer work, it is essentially a brand new boat and the workmanship is excellent, the EP-7000 is mounted alongside the restored steam engine, and is coupled to the propeller shaft through a toothed flat belt reduction. 

The Museum chose to use the original propeller and gave Elco a prop dimension of  38” x 55”, which calls for a reduction of 5.25: to 5.5:1, the system is performing very well.





  • yahoodie

    Gee, That is very nice, I thought using an Elco electric motor in my 10’x18′ simple “houseboat” would be a great thing to power it around the creeks here in western NY so we Vietnam Veterans could fish off of it & have a nice time relaxing for the day even if wee didn’t catch any fish.. BUT, I now find out that the economical $1800.00 boat we are building ourselves will have to be powered by a more than $22,000.00 dollar engine & all we wanted to do was troll a bit & maybe cruise a bit on Lake Ontario when changing to small rivers to fish in. I guess we should just buy a set of oars or just rent a boat & pollute the environment using a oil/gas powered outboard like everyone else does, It is a shame that when someone builds a nice electric motor that they immediately want all the big money boat owners to spend thousands of dollars just for their sake, Doesn’t anyone have a small electric motor that would power our small houseboat around at say 2-5 knots TOPSPEED? OH well Back to the drawing boards I guess.. Maybe 2 old 10-15 speed bikes
    mounted side by side would power twin paddlewheels that would work better than some over priced 48 Volt expensive electric motor!!