The name of the boat is KROKENEN which means hiding place in Norwegian, it built in Norway in 1977. Norwegian white pine, and was one of the last wooden boats built in Norway. The wife and I really like the ELCO electric motor. We go around Puget Sound fishing and just cruising, and went to Port Townsend wooden show and everybody loved the boat and could not believe it was electric. I added a 3.8 kw gen set as backup and used it once on way to Port Townsend about 40 miles from Seattle. Run at 40 amps 4.8 knots about 15 kn. headwind. The Elco Electric motor is a Great product.

John Jorgensen

The motor offered easy and straight forward installation. We now have a clean engine room and bilge. There are no combustibles so it’s a very safe boat to operate. We have found that the motor allows us to jump on the boat and go! Guest aboard our boat have remarked that it’s so quiet, is it really on? On board gauges keep you informed of your running time, volts consumed and how many more hours you have available on the batteries.

Dave Westphal

I could not be happier with the motor. My experience with Elco has exceeded my expectations. The customer service has been flawless – even when dealing with a 16 hour time difference. Enquires were all answered promptly and transactions were simple. I was updated continuously during the delivery process.

The Elco motor was as easy to install as promised. The process was far simpler than any engine I have dealt with in the past. The advantage of an Elco Motor are numerous, including the silent and no vibration operation, zero emissions, ease of operation and immediate responsiveness are to name just a few.

The Elco Motor changed my sailing experience and has made it a more relaxed and enjoyable pursuit. Any yacht I own in the future will be equipped with an Elco Motor.

Kindest Regards,
Kym Anquetil

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. The Elco EP-4000 has more power than the 50 hp diesel the Elco replaced.

Jamie Looner
New Zealand